Icking, Germany

Due to our dog's old age and multiple medical issues we are not taking any dogs at the moment.
It is likely that we will begin dogsitting again sometime in the future so bookmark us please!

Welcome to the Dog Hotel!. We are a family in Icking, about 20K south of Munich, and we have a home-based dog sitting business.  We live in the Bavarian countryside surrounded by fields and woods, and our guest dogs live with us in our home. We started by keeping our friend's dogs when they were traveling, and liked having the pooches around so much that we decided to open a "hotel" as an alternative for those who, like us, do not want their dog to stay in a kennel.

The sleeping dog on the right lives here permanently, and we only keep one or two additional dogs at a time. There are NO cages here, and we encourage the dogs to play and have a good time during their stay!  We have a large, fenced-in back yard (1300 sq. meters), so they are free to go in and out as they like.

We are at home most of the time when dogs are here, so they have almost constant company. We walk the dogs a minimum of twice a day, and will follow owner's instructions as to whether or not the dog needs to be on a leash, or can run freely in the fields or woods. If your dog likes to swim, we are happy to take them to the nearby river for a summer dip. We talk to and pet your dog all day, and we strive to make your dog's stay an enjoyable and safe experience.

We take only dogs who are housebroken and not aggressive. They must be able to get along with our dog (a very friendly guy), and they must be safe around children. We are otherwise easygoing dog lovers, and we have no preference as to young or old. We do like to meet you and your dog ahead of your dog's stay so that you can "scope out" the  situation here, and so that your dog can get to know us and our dog ahead of time. We charge 20 Euros/day and do ask that owners bring the dog's food, as we prefer not to  change the dog's diet. We are happy for you to bring your dog's bed, and anything else he or she might like to have to make the stay here more comfortable. In the interest of protecting the health of all the dogs who stay with us, we must have proof of vaccinations including kennel cough (zwingerhusten). Also, in the interest of protection for the small dogs who are here, we do not take fighting dogs or aggressive breeds. As of 2008 we are also no longer taking un-castrated males. Sorry for the inconvenience but we have too many females in the area in heat and too many issues surrounding this problem.

Click on any of the dog's photos or the dog house at the top to contact us by e mail, or call us at 08178 1249.

Uben Hertwig, wonder dog

Boudreaux Bellard, Uben's best friend

Uben and Sasha singing Christmas carols