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We are proud to present the first ever
truffle found under our truffle oak.
Go Labrador that spotted the truffle!

Angel Covers/Humble Hearts

We have been sponsoring chidren and teachers at Humble Hearts School for the Deaf in Nairobi for years now. We strongly believe this is one of the best run charities going. The director is in Colorado, takes no salary for her work, and the Board is also unpaid so all money goes directy to the children and programs involved. Humble Hearts is full to bursting with kids who just want an education, some deaf, some hearing. Please consider sponsorship. It can change your heart. Click around on the Angel Covers website for information on other programs besides Humble Hearts. I think there is something for everyone if you feel moved to help a child.

  And here is a new and very important link to the new "shopfront" Angel Covers website in the UK. This one was all the vision and result of the work of my friend , a fellow sponsor in the UK. Please click on Jane's picture and take a look around, or you can just click on the link

Angel Covers UK


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