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The boule playing men of Montagnac

The house in southern France is wonderful!  I stayed for three glorious weeks, in the mid-ninety's.  There is the main house and the little apartment, down just a ways.  We stayed in the main house and oh, what a wonderful house it was!  The rent is very reasonable and the house itself is warm and cozy.  It is centrally located; close to all the villages and everywhere else, it seemed.... we found it to be the best place around.  We went in mid summer, when the lavender fields were in full bloom - spectacular!  Going to France and staying in Montagnac was one of my most memorable vacations.  The house is a great deal for anyone-single or a big family.  I'd highly recommend it to anyone!  All the best, a very satisfied guest..... Christine Azevedo, Roseville, California

We loved the time spent at the beautifully located home of Chez Hertwig (Haus Hertwig) in Montagnac.  This area of Provence, not yet overrun with American tourists, provided a delightfully restful five-day interlude during our time spent living in Europe.  Especially helpful was the information book located in the living room highlighting area sights as well as which days various villages and towns held their open markets.  We coordinated sightseeing with visiting the markets, so when we departed Montagnac we were filled with both valuable historic information and excellent food! M.L., California

I first came to Montagnac with friends many years ago and fell in love with the house, the village, and the whole atmosphere in Provence. This is a warm, comfortable house (the photos don't do it justice) with lovely vaulted ceilings and old beams. My friends and I had many discussions about who got to live in the tower and ended up flipping coins! This is not an area full of nightlife and discos as this is rustic Provence at its finest. The neighbors were friendly and helpful and even brought us fresh vegetables from their gardens as well as flower arrangements when we were leaving. I can recommend Maison Montagnac without reservation. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend some time in Provence, this is the place to stay. Kay, California

Maison Montagnac is suited for those who want a peaceful, gorgeous setting in which to relax, take beautiful walks, purchase food at the local markets to cook your own dinners in the well equipped "Maison" kitchen, and enjoy laid back country life. Montagnac is not on the "tour line" for typical Provence drive-abouts so you will not see many cars or tourists. We enjoyed walking back roads (some paved, some gravel) through rolling terrain with lavender fields and oak forests. With short car trips (10-15km), you can go to Riez for Monday market day and to Quinson for a world-class natural history museum which is such a shock to find in a tiny little town completely off the beaten path.  For a longer drive day, you can take the complete circuit of Le Gorge Verdon -- do not miss this spectacular sight. Even if you don't want to go anywhere for a few days, this house is perfect -- the owner let me putter in the gardens and prune the roses -- yes, a heavenly treat for an avid gardener. Jean, Seattle

"Maison Garage"
We still enjoy thinking back to our honeymoon in this pretty little French-looking house in a beautiful landscape. A great view, a calm and
quiet place for the both of us - and a big, full fenced garden for our dog! The colours of La Provence,  the wonderful weather and the amazing blue sky rounded out our holidays. Furthermore we still remember the happy helpfulness of Susan! Simone, Doc and Felix the dog, Germany

Anything that I can write will never truly reflect how wonderful I find this place. The bedrooms are light and airy, the morning light soft. The living area is comfortable and clean, with a cheery fireplace perfect for chilly mornings. The kitchen is well-appointed, holding everything one could ask for to cook something favourite fast or something complicated you’ve always wanted to try.
The house is perfectly located for touring markets and the “un-touristed” countryside, the village is charming and the locals patient with a terrible French accent. The only thing I can’t tell you is how serene you’ll feel when you're sitting out on the dance-hall-sized deck; seeing the distant fields, hearing the bell of Montagnac echo over the hypnotic hum of bees, and smelling the sweetness in the air. You’re going to have to do that yourself. Donna, Gallarate, Italy

Es gibt Plätze, an denen man sich spontan zu Hause fühlt. Das Haus in Montagnac ist einer davon. Mal ganz abgesehen davon, dass es total gemütlich eingerichtet ist, genügend Raum bietet und es einem an nichts - aber wirklich an gar nichts - mangelt, herrscht hier eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre: Warm, freundlich, voll „guter Geister“

Wir waren im August zwei Wochen dort, hatten Haus und Garten für uns alleine. Es war ein Traum!! Bis heute umweht uns der zarte Lavendelduft, der die ganze Umgebung erfüllt und wir tauchen in den türkisfarbenen See, der nur 20 Minuten von unserem Haus entfernt war oder spielen auf dem schnuckeligen Marktplatz von Montagnac eine Partie Boule. Das alles in Gedanken natürlich - Gedanken an vierzehn unvergessliche Tage, die hoffentlich im nächsten Jahr eine Wiederholung finden.
Nach solch einem Urlaubsziel haben wir schon lange gesucht und wir sind sicher, dass wir (wenn wir können und dürfen) jeden künftigen Urlaub hier verbringen werden. Unseren zwei Hunden hat es so gut gefallen, dass sie mehrere Tage auf unserem Kölner Innenstadt-Balkon vor sich hinschmollten und ihr sehnsüchtiger Blick nur eines sagte: „Warum sind wir nicht für immer dort geblieben?“ Tamara Dragus & Holger Schulz  (Köln) mit Kara & Shiva (Wuff!)